September 21, 2008

Karma: Truth or is it just a lie we tell to ourselves?

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A few weeks ago I posted on Lie of the day about the lottery being a tax on the poor.  I believe there is some truth to that statement. Don’t get me wrong through, I used to buy lotto tickets now and then, but had stopped buying them because I seemed to never win anything.

It had been about a year since I bought a ticket. Well the other day I was filling my truck with gas and bought a dollar lotto ticket. In the back of my mind I was thinking that karma might help me win because karma in my case always wants to prove me wrong. Sure enough – I won. I thought to myself, hmmm, I posted some thing about the lotto screwing the poor and I win two dollars? Then I think about the old line that karma is a bitch and here at this point in my life, I have come to grips with karma by writing ‘the lotto is a scam’ post about screwing the poor out of there hard earned dollars – by winning! Well being the wild gambler that I am and knowing that karma is going to make sure I win, I decided to go all out – so I buy another two dollar ticket and as Karma would have it I win five dollars this time!

I decided to not push my karma any harder, knowing that karma was using me to take the food out of some poor child’s mouth. So I took my booty and put it in my wallet and hung my head in shame.

Do you think that Karma is real or is it just a lie we tell ourselves?


  1. Marjorie said,

    FINALLY- a topic that I want to comment on! YESSSSssssss…. Karma, Fate the Wrath of God—- it does exist and I can fill this and several other pages of stories that in my life alone has come to pass with haunting and sometimes very funny outcomes.
    For every wrong there is a right — RIGHT? Yesssss again it can be SOOOooo Goood or REALLLL BBAADdddd –Karma.
    Several years ago I had a intamate relationship with a man for over three years, we almost married and then he left with out a Hi Good Bye or Kiss My Ass. For the three years we were together, his mother kept interfering in our relationship until the breakup. I was very distraught and my mom pulled me a side and said don’t seek revenge it will come to pass on both of them someday–someday came faster than I thought.
    Within months after the breakup that woman lost her house to forclosure, her husband died, her income was slashed in half, the house she rented burned to the ground, and just recently I saw her at a store and she informed me about her being homeless for the past 2 years. For my ex he was arrested and put in jail. His brother her other son also was arrested for raping his own wife.
    If thats not Karma–what is.

  2. jimwilbur said,

    I don’t believe in karma as my experience has been pretty much the opposite of the above. I have personal knowledge of several situations where people have knowingly done very corrupt, harmful and fraudulent things to other people. I know that they knew because they told me so. These same people have gone unpunished, are generally well respected by others because they put up a good front and have been successful and go on with their lives, likely continuing with their patterns of harming others.

    To me, karma is wishful thinking except in one sense; in the end we all suffer the same fate.

  3. Marjorie said,

    If you let go of the resentment and hate, you wholed for those that have done wrong to you, karma will kick in. If you cannot forgive and go on with your life it will eat you alive. Believe me when I say Karma works–just let it go. Fate is what you make of it. Negative thoughts are bound to keep you down.

  4. jimwilbur said,

    I am not talking about people who have done me personal harm. I am talking about working for people who have done harm to other people I didn’t even know – Serious harm. There is one individual in particular who was a well respected, well connected multi-millionaire who did unbelievable things that I was aware of and who was never punished, was respected by most and lived a good life. Your point does not apply.

    Regarding the one fate I am talking about there is really nothing you can make of it other than what it is.

    But I do believe in little birds as one told me… 🙂

  5. Marjorie said,

    Funny… I know a wicked little bird that sits in a coffe shop on the weekend thinking of truths and lies–maybe he needs to be caged!
    Nice to talk to you Jim

  6. jimwilbur said,

    Nice to meet you Marjorie, and maybe you have a point or maybe you should join us in our madness!

  7. Marjorie said,

    MADNESS! I am there

  8. Juan said,

    Karma is a lie we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better after someone has wronged us. It’s a myth that what goes around comes around, it doesn’t.

    Think about it, if it were true, there would only be good and just people alive in this world.

    At least the Christian concept of people being punished for their sins is more acceptable, however, that only happens in the afterlife. In this life, we have no recourse, but to bend over and take it.

    We live in a world where exactly the opposite happens. good people are punished for doing good, bad people are rewarded and are venerated as saints.

    Karma does not exist.

    • Allie said,

      I can’t agree with you Juan for karma isn’t always against others, because if you may do wrong to a person then just maybe wrong may be done to you. So it’s not just a lie we tell ourselves to think we’re in the good of life and will get revenge with out getting revenge. So maybe karma is a lie bit I am a stronge believer in karma.

      • Ed said,


  9. Jack_McCracken said,

    I don’t believe in Karma anymore. I’ve been doing good things my whole life. I’m always thinking of the welfare of others, and I meet cruelty with gentleness. In fact the meaness of others has made me to be kind.

    I’m not happy. I wish I were dead. Maybe I should work harder, maybe I should think of myself for a change, maybe I should go to church. That does not change the fact that this world is filled with evil that goes unpunished and innocents that get tormented.

    I have no faith in Karma. People may reward good deeds that affect them, but people will also believe what they want to believe. People’s actions go a long way, but they never bring about true justice. Karma is one of those things that keep stupid people from being evil. Which makes me question whether it’s a bad thing to say it doesn’t exist.

    I hope there is Justice in the next life, and I hope it comes from an all knowing higher power. I hope, but I cannot believe. I have no faith in Karma. Sure bad things happen to bad people. You do bad things, bad things happen. But often times good people are punished simply because they are weak or meek.

    When people are evil they dig their own graves, with selfish acts. There are plenty of good people out there who have terrible things happen to them and there are plenty of times that people assume that it happened because they must have done something to deserve it.

    Maybe people just want to believe it can’t happen to them. I think so. They are wrong. This world is unjust. So stop being unjust. It starts with little things, don’t put that hamster in the microwave, don’t steal that gram of weed, don’t bear false witness. I have no faith in anything except for my actions. Because it’s the only thing that I know is REAL.

    I believe in cause and effect. I don’t believe in Karma.

  10. Mavdc said,

    Karma is COMPLETELY TRUE>>>….. You have no idea about the Universe or anything. What we have done coming back to Us. There is a reaction. It’s a universal law. You have no idea about even Universal laws.. How a bullshit you become….Fool

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