September 26, 2008

Sara Palin and the Rape Kits? Truth or Lie?

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This video seems too crazy to be true
[ which being 2008 in America – likely makes it true ]


  1. Alyssa Mosley said,

    I think it’s very funny how far Republicans and Democrats are willing to go to make the other one look bad, rather then just trying to be the better person on there own. Honestly.

    I’ve done more reserch on this matter then I care to remember, but I think everyone should know that it was not Sara Palin who made it so wemon had to pay for their rape kits, but the cheif of police.

    The small town she was Mayor of was very poor, very very poor, to begin with so, understandabily, it was allowed to continue agensit the will of the towns people, and Mayor.

    p.s. The new Babay every one is seeing is NO sara’s but her daughters. DANG look back on the last few months, does anyone remember seeing her Preg? It’s hard to Hide.

    They couldn’t hide that Jane Leeves (Daphne) was Preg on Fraiser, and they can’t hide it on Sara.

  2. jimwilbur said,

    Hmmm… I believe you and agree but still, I think that action on her part represents really bad, bad judgment. There are always many reasonable ways to save money but to decide to save money in ways that would if fact, discriminate against a group of people (women) in a way that would hurt them, that just sucks.

    Maybe have the police provide their own guns rather than the state pay for them? I was a carpenter for many years and I had to buy my own hand tools. I bet that would have saved more.

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