October 3, 2008

Is it an illusion that reason and Western liberalism will win out over fanaticism? Truth or Lie?

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Even when I take off the illusionary blinders of my culture, no real reason becomes visible that can explain why reason should prevail over fanaticism or why fanaticism should be thought of as culturally backward and something that will disappear over time.

Instead, I see myself as having been blinded by a cultural myth, blinded to the fact that the law of the jungle is very possibly stronger than reason and modernity and may win out in the long run.

What do you think?


  1. miklwald said,

    I’m afraid that “elitist” does describe a portion of the population that knows something about modernity and the law of the jungle. It is a portion which tries to think rationally about things and considers such things as fairness. This portion does indeed frequently lose to the bullies of the world.
    When I was writing my recent blog I needed to find a word, which turned out to be “vig.” It was interesting to find out the similarities among today’s payday loan business, our current financial system, and the Mafia. We can hope the pendulum swings back toward some element of reason.

  2. jimwilbur said,

    I checked out miklwalds blog and found it to be very thoughtful. I recommend it. There is a link in my blogroll or you can get there by clicking on his name above.

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